tbh i just really wanted a marquee somewhere, i really like them. did you know you can click that set of pikmin and it does something funny, i enjoy it personally, i hope it's not too loud i did try to make it reasonably volumed but i have no idea if i did it properly or not. i like this font but it's actually a japanese font? so the backslashes are the symbol for Yen \\\ just a funny thing, this is going to loop now:


welcome to my website ^u^ i am spooky, i'm just someone who does things and don't have much to show for it on this site yet. but i did want somewhere to put things so that's what this is


I like listening to music, and i have a compiled list of all the albums I digitally and physically own! Below it is also a list of albums I don't own, but I do still enjoy a lot. You can find that on this page right here. It was a fun project to do.


oops this is empty because i have nothing to put in it!